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Company Name : JAPAN LEAD CO., Ltd.
President: Masaki Yasumoto
Location : 51 - 3 Ijiri Iseda-cho Uji-city Kyoto, 611-0043 JAPAN
Phone : +81-774-44-4398
Education Division Direct TEL : +81-774-44-3929
FAX : +81-774-44-9643
Capitalization : \ 18 million

Line of Business :

Electronic Parts
- Lead Wire & Rivets
Education Division (www.ultrakids.net)
- School Consulting
- International Educational Materials
International Educational Human Resource

Business Started:   June, 1963
Established:   December, 1967

Company_s.jpgJAPAN LEAD CO.,LTD. Building

Electronic Parts Division

Creating High-value Products with Elaborate Technical Strength

Accurately assessing the movement of markets, the trends of the times, and the will of the People, then reflecting these in making the products - we believe this to be the starting point of the manufacturer. This is a search for quality that is appropriate to any era. Nihon Lead-sen kogyo strives to create products that accomplish the basic functions of environmental protection products in rigorous natural environments. This company regularly carries out quality control (QC) activites designed to increase the skill level of the engineers, while at the same time full use is made of production lines with their sophisticated machinery. The result is a flexible production system, along with having a policy for achieveng minimized cost. Nihon Lead-sen Kogyo is constructing a production system that provides a diverse lineup of products exactly when they needed.

Strict Quality Control Earning User Reliance

In an effort to ensure that we always bring to market only products of the best quality, we are constantly in pursuit of the many aspects of basic performance demanded fo products such as material, functioning, and durability. In every process of production, Nihon Lead-sen Kogyo repeatedly consducts through inspections, including load testing, thereby establishing an infallible quality assurance system.

Aluminum Rivets for the Electrolytic Capcitor  Automatic Assembling the Electrolytic Capacitor  Steel, Stainless, Aluminum Products for the Electronic Parts  Lead-Wires for the Electrolytic Capacitor  Lead-Wires for the Ferrite Core and many other soureces  Tantalum  Molybdenite Rivets  Special made for Rivets, Lead-Wires and Connectors  Electronic Parts, others

seihin1.jpgOur Products

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Educationa Division

For Oversea Educational Material Companies

Japan Lead Co.,Ltd. Education Division is an education consulting company that has consignments from the most famous and top elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, universities, and other education and language schools in Japan. It is the first and only company which uses unused time and space at schools to hold education programs. We call ourselves an Education Service Provider which provides one package made of three contents.

1. “People” - we send professional, native English-speaking teachers.

2. “Materials” - we provide education materials from overseas.

3. “Money Profit” ? we provide profitable education business to schools.

We have been contributing to schools in Japan by widening their programs and curriculums as well as globalizing them. By taking in global standard textbooks, learning materials (English, Math, Computer, Science, etc), e-learning systems, and curriculum from overseas, we have helped many schools to create a more global and entertaining environment for their students.

Global standard education material is now highly demanded in Japan’s educational field. Japanese schools are now in a process of establishing new courses and new faculty which specialize in the English study and Science, Computer, Math classes held in English. Our company keeps improving the education program by making our utmost effort to achieve this internationalization.

We will take care of introducing your products into Japanese schools and markets, and settle costly business details involved in distribution of products and consulting with schools. We already have strong relationships with schools and companies in Japan which have potentials to take in new global standard educational materials and programs actively.

Division Individual Web Sites

Education Division = www.ultrakids.net
(ULTRAKIDS School = www.ultra-kids.net)
Internatinal Educational Human Resources = www.staff-service.net

Eduation Division Business Line:
School Solutions (School Consultation)  Maltimedia Computure & English School (Ultrakids & Digitalkids)  International Educational Materials Promotion & Sale International Educational Human Resource   Etc.

DIVE_Program.JPGSaturday English Program for Returnee Students

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JAPAN LEAD CO.,LTD. Education Division


International Educational Human Resources


Access Information

By Train

*It's about a 12-minutes walk from the Kintestu'Ogura'Station (on the Kyoto-Nara Line).
*It's about a 10-minutes walk from the JR'Ogura' Station (on the Kyoto-Nara Line).

By Car

*From the'Uji-Nishi IC'exit of the Keiji Bypass Expressway, it takes about 5 minutes by car or motorcycle.
*From Route 1, it's about 4 kilometers east from the'Mori'Intersection.
*From old Route 24, it's about 1.5 kilometers west to the'Yawata'Prefectural Road.

We have about 5 car parking space front of our JLC building.


Japan Lead Co.,Ltd. "Japan Leading Corporation"
51-3 Ijiri Iseda-cho Uji-city Kyoto, 611-0043 JAPAN
Phone: (0774)44-4398 (Electronic Parts)
    (0774)44-3929 (Education Division)
Fax: (0774)44-9643

Oversea Phone call will be +81(774)44-3929

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